Who we are

ViloX is a solutions and services provider, uniquely positioned to deliver impactful and measurable value to business and governmental entities.

ViloX leverages a blend of proprietary methodology and technology to deliver clear and concise "intelligence" that is tailored to meet or exceed our client's high and exacting expectations and standards, and deliver that difference that makes a difference.

ViloX Mission Statement

To transform the field of Human Computer Interaction - as developed by accomplished Surgeon and ViloX CEO, Dr. Joseph De Bellis - by applying the knowledge of human processes involving memory, problem solving and the cognitive experience to the design of data management processes.

To assist clients with the use of its core On The Fly Technologies (OTFT®) in leveraging the massively parallel architecture of the human brain and the iterative way in which the human mind approaches problem solving and memory access with alphanumerical cognition.

To engage the patented Search on the Fly® technology to provide customized solutions that enable the exploration of multiple datasources in a fast and intuitive way so as to identify and connect to the most useful, relevant and important data available within any scenario.

ViloX History and Process Background

In 1999, founder and CEO, Dr. Joseph De Bellis, developed and defined an intuitive philosophy regarding human interaction involving memory, problem solving and the cognitive human experience as a whole. These profound discoveries, when applied to the area of cognitive ergonomics known as Human Computer Interaction (HCI), are the basis of ViloX's powerful methodologies.

Our process evaluates and unlocks the powerful information that lies blocked and dormant within your resident data stores (human and computer alike). With our unique approach, the challenges at hand are broken down into functional units and addressed with skilled expertise that matches the needs of the situation with the precise information flow necessary. The right information reaches the right people in the right context.

Human Intelligence + Business Intelligence = Intelligent Business

ViloX is a company dedicated to providing solutions across all spectrums of possibility and delivering unprecedented value and satisfaction to our clients.

ViloX is at its core, a solution driven company, often delivering results that our clients couldn't dream of. We use our "Clean Sheet Approach" to problem-solving. Goals and metrics are identified and our proprietary methodologies literally "vitalize" the data creating functional units of solution, Interactive Dynamic Information (IDI). Our Deductive Search Interface gives the data a living, breathing quality, unlike any other product or service available today. We call these Solution Vitalization Units or SVUs and it is these SVUs that allow us and our clients to remain ahead of the curve in productivity, value and performance.